Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Holistic Criminal Defense: From Treatment to Trial"

This will be the theme of our upcoming Annual Criminal Defense Conference. This year's program will feature:

  • Best Practices in Drug Courts with Dr. Doug Marlowe
  • How Drug Treatment Courts Should Operate and the Role of the Defense with Honorable Judge Glade F. Roper
  • Holistic Defense with the Bronx Defenders
  • Panel of Drug Court Graduates
  • Immigration and Criminal Defense in the Post-Padilla Era
  • Trying an OWI Case from A to Z
  • U.S. Supreme Court Review
and much more...

Complete registration materials will be posted to our website in the coming weeks.


  1. Public defender clients desperately need lawyers who can beat the state at trial on any given day and use that trial ability and fact and law based focus to negotiate better deals as well. Public defender offices should not be the origin of social services for clients. This holistic approach is well meaning, but naive, fiscally irresponsible, and ultimately ineffective. Money being spent on this holistic approach is misguided when the focus should be on hiring better qualified, higher paid lawyers to staff public defender offices. This will combat the all to often true stereotype of the incompetent, overworked public defender. Our clients want skilled trial lawyers. The holistic approach is only a "feel good" magnification of the in-one-ear out-the-other "excuse based" approach to criminal defense and mitigation which fails to persuade judges and prosecutors because it frankly tries to divert culpability from the individual defendant. The holistic approach to criminal defense is gaining traction because chief public defenders across the country and the attorneys they have hired continue to inject social welfare ideology into the courtroom while neglecting a basic fact and law based strategy and good old fashion honest persuasion.