Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daubert Training Materials Now Available

Although the live program is full, you can still have access to the materials. 

Daubert Primer
New Evidence Rules and Wisconsin Criminal Litigation
Professor Daniel Blinka

Daubert Litigation Strategies
Attorney Craig Albee

Also, watch for this training to be available at our new on-demand site by early May.

About the Program:

In January 2011, the Wisconsin Legislature made substantial revisions to Wis. Stats. Ch. 907 regarding the admissibility of expert testimony. These revisions have brought Wisconsin into line with what is known in the federal system as the “Daubert” standard and potentially opens up a new area of litigation concerning what scientific testimony should now be permitted in Wisconsin courtrooms. 

The program will begin with Professor Daniel Blinka, one of Wisconsin’s foremost experts on evidence, explaining the new law and how federal courts have construed it under Daubert. Professor Blinka’s presentation will be followed by separate breakouts for defense lawyers and prosecutors to discuss litigation under the new standards. Finally, the program will conclude with a presentation by Circuit Court Judge Ellen Brostrom and United States Magistrate Judge Patricia Gorence on how the courts should apply the new statutes.

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